Get Started with Shelly & Front

👋 The Shelly - Front integration unlocks a world of opportunities so you can free your email. It's also super simple to get started. Follow the instructions below to be on your way!

Register for a Shelly Account

If you don't already have a Shelly account then head over to https://app.Shelly.ai/register, and fill out the form to create your account. You will also need to confirm your account via email.

Create an Action

Actions tell Shelly what you want to do the data found in your emails. Currently we support 2 types of actions:

  • Send to Zapier
  • Send to Webhook

To create an action, navigate to the left hand "Actions" menu on your dashboard. From there, fill out the prompts as needed to create your action. Please note: for Zapier actions you will need to set up your Zapier connection.

Build Your Template

Templates are the lifeblood of Shelly. They define what data you want extracted from your email as well as what to do once that data is found. The possibilities for what you can do with Templates are almost endless, but let's start simple so you can get the hand of it.

Create Template

From your dashboard you can start building your first template by selecting the "Templates" option in the right hand menu. From there select the "Create New Template" button in the upper right. This will take you to the new template screen. You can start the process by giving your template a name - something that will tell you exactly what data your are pulling!

Add Fields

Now we want to add fields. Fields are individual pieces of data we want to pull, such as emails or dates or first names. Fields can have the following characteristics:

  • Field Name: this can be anything you like. We recommend you keep it short, and make it clear what type of data you're looking for.
  • Default Value: this optional field will be the value of the field in the event shelly is not able to find a value. So for instance if you are searching for Country, but you'd like to field to default to "USA" in the event Shelly can't find a country in the email, then you'd put USA in this field.
  • Select Field Type: this is the magic of Shelly. This option allows you to select from a list of predefined fields. Each field has its own description and will be used to tell Shelly what type of data you're looking for.

Add as many fields as you'd like. We recommend starting small to begin with, but there is no limit to what you can do!

Assign an Action

Now that we have defined our fields, the final step is to assign an action. This one's easy, since you already created your Action in the last step. Now you just need to select the action in the dropdown to tell Shelly this template should perform the action.

Don't forget to Save your template once you're ready!

Log into the Shelly Front App

Now that your template has been created, it's time to have some fun. Navigate back to your Front inbox, and on the right hand side select the Shelly App. The app will ask you login using the credentials you created in Step 1 above.

Start Automating!

After logging in you'll see your first template show up. It will automatically include any data Shelly found from the current email (note: if no emails was selected you have to click on one to get the process started). From here you review and edit any of the data as needed.

Once the data is set, click on the Action Button at the bottom to take the action you set for this template. Viola! You just executed your first template.

Where to Go Next

Shelly opens up your inbox to a whole new world. Automate manual tasks, quickly send sales leads to your CRM, create an on the fly task list - the possibilities are endless. And we're here to help.